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SGR Audio MT3.2 Floorstanders

MT3.2 Floorstanders
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3-way Active Reference Full Range Floorstanders

The MT3.2 is the evolution of 10 years research into drive unit, enclosure and electronic design.

Instead of following the market trend towards increasingly more rigid cone materials in an attempt to push resonances out of the audible band, we attacked the problem in the time domain using our proprietary paper cone formulation which has a higher stiffness to damping ratio than all known woofers. The result is a woofer with stored energy dissipation which rivals some of the very best tweeters!

Never before has bass sounded this fast and articulate.

Designed & manufactured in Australia.

The first MT series loudspeaker was completed in 2004. Called the MT3F, it was characterised by its bulky trapezoidal bass cabinet with dual custom-made 10” paper cone woofers; drawing universal praise from local audio enthusiasts who had previously never experienced the sonic revelation of a critically-damped sealed cabinet capable of flat extension to 20 Hz.

As word filtered throughout Australia, the number of proud owners slowly increased while development continued in the background. In 2009, we released the MT3FSL, a “slim line” version of the MT3F with a more advanced cabinet and a single 10” bass driver. This was also the first MT series model to incorporate the electronics within the speaker cabinet and to offer a myriad of advanced adjustments on the back of the electronic active technology.

The ongoing quest for perfection eventually led to the debut of the MT3.2 at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This product combines the ultimate sense of scale and power of the original MT3F model with the smaller footprint, adjustability, and aesthetically pleasing proportions of the MT3FSL.

  • Scan Speak Revelator ring-radiator tweeter, low distortion and power compression with a bandwidth out to 40Khz
  • 5" paper cone midrange with FEA optimised magnetics achieving perfect flux symmetry.
  • 10" long-throw, ultra-low distortion paper cone woofer optimised for sealed box use. Custom designed and purpose built.
Bass Enclosure
  • Double constrained layer damped construction consisting of dual marine plywood internal walls with a high-density external polymer skin.
  • Extensive interlocking bracing system, marine ply.
  • Internally treated with SGR Selective MemBrane (SMB) technology to eliminate standing waves and box induced colorations.
  • Seamless construction technique with no visible join lines. Remains stable over time.
  • Magnetically attached grille.
  • Custom made marine grade stainless steel spikes with level adjustment and locking nut.
Mid-Hi Enclosure
  • Stacked layer highly-damped marine plywood internal structure with a high-density external polymer skin.
  • Floating front baffle isolated from the enclosure and mounted with shock-mounts. No mechanical connection between the drivers and the enclosure walls.
  • Internally treated with SGR Selective MemBrane (SMB) technology to eliminate standing waves and box induced colorations.
  • Seamless construction technique with no visible join lines. Remains stable over time.
  • Sorbothane isolation pucks stop bass enclosure vibrations from modulating the midrange output.
  • Magnetically attached grille.
  • SGR designed, built-in 3 channel amplifier.
  • Class AB amplifier channels with all analog active crossover circuitry.
  • Individual HI and MID level adjustment with centre detent. +/- 3dB adjustment.
  • Selectable room gain compensation helps tune the bass response to suit any room.
  • RCA single ended & XLR balanced inputs
  • Microprocessor controlled with auto signal detection and auto standby. No turn on delays, activation within milliseconds.
  • Dual parametric EQ stages with variable frequency, level and bandwidth. 30Hz to 300Hz, +/-12dB
  • Real time monitoring with clip detect and self protect mode.
  • Internal power supply with custom low noise shielded transformer.
  • 3 year return to base warranty
Acoustic Specifications
Drivers: 1 x ScanSpeak Revelator ring-radiator tweeter,
1 x 5" paper cone midrange,
2 x SGR long-throw paper cone woofers.
Enclosure alignment: Sealed box, critically damped.
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 30Khz
Electrical Specifications
Amplifier Channels: 3
Input Impedance: 47K RCA, 24K XLR
Bandwidth: 2Hz - 80Khz
Amplifier Class: AB
Amplifier Power Output: 800W RMS total per speaker
Power consumption: 15W operation with no signal, less than 1W standby.
HI Level: +/- 3dB
MID Level: +/- 3dB
High pass: 40Hz enable, Linkwitz-Riley 4th order alignment (for use with SS series subwoofers)
Room gain compensation: Bass shelf enable
Sub output level: +/- 6dB
Product Dimensions: 310mm (W) x 430mm (D) x 1160mm (H)
Shipping Dimensions: Speakers - Bottom enclosures: 590mm x 420mm x 970mm - 2 boxes
Speakers - Top enclosures: 420mm x 460mm x 440mm - 2 boxes
Spikes & Cables: 350mm x 490mm x 150mm - 1 box
Product Weight: TBA kg per speaker
Shipping Weight: 62kg per bottom speaker enclosure + 19kg per top speaker enclosure + 4kg spikes & cables (178kg total)
Colour Options
  • The MT3.2's can be high-gloss 2-pack "piano" finished in any desired colour with either solid or metallic automotive paint.
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