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SGR Audio CX4F Floorstanders

CX4F Floorstanders
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4-way Active Floorstanders
The natural design progression from the CX3B bookshelfs was of course a floorstander. Public request was to keep the enclosure slim without increasing the footprint too much more. And so we built the CX4Fs, a 7 driver 4-way system...

Conceptually, they're the bookshelfs with an extended cabinet that houses more bass drivers. But this time we've added another driver into the mix. A new custom designed paper cone specifically to take care of mid-bass duties, allowing the 4 bass drivers below to operate from 80Hz downwards essentially as subwoofers.

Our onboard active circuitry effectively mitigates the effects of floorbounce or boundary gain and, in conjunction with the loudspeaker's critically-damped sealed enclosure, results in a bass response which is highly sought after, being both fast and tight and yet a seamless part of the musical whole. Voila!

Designed & manufactured in Australia.
  • SGR designed and purpose built.
  • 1" soft dome tweeter, linear extension out to 20Khz without the sharp peak normally associated with metal domes.
  • 2" soft dome midrange, extremely smooth and linear response over the critical mid and upper voice band. Low distortion NEO magnet motor structure.
  • 6" paper cone mid-bass in a cast aluminium frame. Low distortion NEO magnet motor structure.
  • 6" long-throw paper cone woofers in a cast aluminium frame. Low distortion NEO magnet motor structure.
  • 50mm thick front baffle. Diffraction minimised design covered in black leather.
  • Choice of timber veneer or high-gloss paint finish.
  • Adjustable spikes on outrigger base.
  • SGR designed, built-in 4 channel amplifier.
  • Class AB amplifier channels with all analog active crossover circuitry.
  • Individual HI, MID and MID-BASS level adjustment with centre detent. +/- 3dB adjustment.
  • Selectable high pass crossover achieves an acoustically aligned 40Hz LR4 response for use with a subwoofer.
  • Subwoofer output, 40Hz LR4 low-passed with level adjustment +/- 6dB
  • Selectable room gain compensation helps tune the bass response to suit any room.
  • RCA single ended & XLR balanced inputs
  • Individual input select and also "summation mode" - use one input for stereo and the other input for HT without having to worry about switching inputs!
  • Parametric EQ with variable frequency, level and bandwidth. 30Hz to 300Hz, +/-12dB
  • Microprocessor controlled with auto signal detection and auto standby. No turn on delays, activation within milliseconds.
  • Real time monitoring with clip detect and self protect mode.
  • External power supply with custom low noise transformer.
  • 3 year return to base warranty
Acoustic Specifications
Drivers: All purpose built. 1 x soft dome tweeter, 1 x soft dome midrange, 1 x paper cone mid-bass, 4 x long throw paper cone bass drivers.
Enclosure alignment: Sealed box, critically damped.
Frequency Response: 28Hz - 20Khz
Electrical Specifications
Amplifier Channels: 4
Input Impedance: 47K RCA, 24K XLR
Bandwidth: 2Hz - 80Khz
Amplifier Class: AB
Amplifier Power Output: 650W RMS total per speaker
Power consumption: 5W operation with no signal, less than 1W standby.
HI Level: +/- 3dB
MID Level: +/- 3dB
MID-BASS Level: +/- 3dB
High pass: 40Hz enable, Linkwitz-Riley 4th order alignment
Room gain compensation: Bass shelf enable, -3dB and -6dB options
Parametric EQ: 30Hz to 300Hz, +/- 12dB
Sub output level: +/- 6dB
Product Dimensions: 335mm (W) x 400mm (D) x 1095mm (H)
Shipping Dimensions: Speakers: 370mm x 470mm x 1200mm- 2 boxes
Power Supplies & Cables: 410mm x 460mm x 270mm - 1 box
Product Weight: 42 kg per speaker
Shipping Weight: 42 kg per speaker + 21kg power supply (105kg total)
Colour Options
Birds Eye Maple Birds Eye Maple
Bamboo Bamboo
Walnut Burl Walnut Burl
Red Cherry Red Cherry
Black Black Gloss
Ball-grained Sapelli Ball-grained Sapelli
Cherry Burl Cherry Burl
Rosewood Rosewood
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Colours Available:
  • Birds Eye MapleBirds Eye Maple
  • BambooBamboo
  • Walnut BurlWalnut Burl
  • Red CherryRed Cherry
  • Black GlossBlack Gloss
  • Ball-grained SapelliBall-grained Sapelli
  • Cherry BurlCherry Burl
  • RosewoodRosewood